Best Home Coffee Bean Roasters

It’s hard to find out a person who does not love to have a cup of coffee before starting his/her day. A freshly made coffee, especially roasted in home coffee roaster, not only revitalized us, but it also has lots of health benefits like it can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetics and Alzheimer’s.

Home Coffee Bean Roasters

There is a conventional wisdom with coffee that it’s better off avoided, but the new studies prove that wrong. Dr. Mercola, the game changer and author of many books related to natural health and medicine said that therapeutic benefits are existing in the coffee beans. In his site, he also warns that if you take coffee with other ingredients like sugar, milk, creamer, and other sweetener and flavorings, it might cause wrong. On the other hand, if you drink organic whole-bean black coffee, it will be beneficial to your health. It is even better if you pick dark roasted coffee.

New research in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research published by NCBI, also say the same thing that the dark roast coffee is more effective than light-roast and helps to reduce body weight as well restore the levels of antioxidants, vitamin-E, and glutathione concentration into the red blood cell.

So, if you’re a coffee lover and love your health too, then only the best coffee roaster can make sure you get all those benefits at once.

Why Roast Coffee At Home?

Firstly, you can visit your nearby coffee shops to save your time and get the mouth-watering taste. No doubt, you will get readymade delicious coffee there but are those as healthy as homemade. I think not so. Most of the time, they mix different sweetener and flavorings to make their coffee tasty which is not good at all for your health.

Secondly, there are lots of branded pre-roasted nicely packed coffee available on the market. However, once ending the roasting process of raw coffee-beans, it has started to decline its rich flavor and aroma over time. Thus, if you buy pre-roasted coffee, chances are decidedly less that you get fresh brew each morning.

Therefore, buying your beans and handling the roasting process at home will be the ultimate solution. While it may appear like a titanic work, it shouldn’t be. Due to the advancement of technology, operating a home coffee roaster is not an overwhelming task anymore. Only pour green coffee-beans, set the program, and the device will do the rest on behalf of you.

There are many brands and types of coffee roaster machine available in the market. From which we sort out 9 Best Home Coffee Roaster for your assistance. Let’s check out those as below –

Comparison Table of Top Rated Specialized Coffee Roasters:

These models designed especially for making high quality coffee at home and don’t have any other functionality. If you want to achieve a brilliant result just purchase one of them and you don’t make a mistake.

Product name Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster Beanplus Coffee Roaster Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster
Heat Source Electrical Gas Burner Electrical Stove
Capacity130g200 – 250g Max 200g 30 – 70g
Style Hot Air RoasterDrum / Direct Heating Hot Air Roaster Stovetop Roaster

Top Rated Multipurpose Coffee Roasters Comparison Table:

If you plan to make a fresh roasted coffee beans at home occasionally or need a multi-functional roasting device than one of the following models will be the best choice for you. Sometimes there are not enough space for all kitchen and home devices so you need limited storage. So a multifunctional roaster let you get a significant benefit. Such a purchase let you kill two birds with one stone and get a perfect devise. There are different models below, but the quality of roasted coffee beans remains unchanged high. Despite of their multi-functionality you can be absolutely sure you get an amazing cup of aromatic coffee whenever you wish.

Product nameGourmia GTA2500 Digital Halogen CookCenter – Air Fryer, Griller & RoasterJIAWANSHUN Household Coffee RoasterNESCO 481825PR, Roaster Oven with Porcelain CookwellBack to Basics Nut Roaster
Heat Source ElectricalElectrical Electrical Stove
CapacityDepends on the Cooking item1500g18 Quarts1 cup
StyleRadivection 360-degree FreeFry technologyHot Air Roaster Hot Air Roaster Stovetop Roaster

Best Home Coffee Roasters Review:

1. Best Programming Control – Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster

SR700 Fresh Roast coffee roaster

End the days of guessing. You can now get consistent quality while roasting green coffee bean at your home. Fresh Roast Coffee Company brought to you the exclusive programming and computer controlled SR700 Home Coffee Roaster which allows you to view and save your preferable roast profile and duplicate it during next roast. So, if you are choosey about your favorite beverage – coffee, then SR700 can help you to taste the same flavor in each sip.

Let’s explore more exciting features of the Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Easy Plug and Play

Fresh Roast SR700 220v designed with easy plug and play system with synchronized cord and program. Only load the software or download from the website to your PC, plug in the supplied USB cable and view and control your roasting quality. It is the first device which synthesis computer program in a home coffee roaster.

Best Cup of Coffee

You can now save your favorite roaster profile easily with the computer program which allows you to repeat any time and get the same consistent result. You can also adjust time, temperature and speed in the middle of the roasting process or bring changes in saved data. Roast raw beans and brew it at home with your hand will render the chance to sip the best cup of coffee.

Visible Chamber

The transparent roasting chamber of SR700 assists you in observing the color of the coffee bean as well as the time required to bake. You can protect your coffee beans from over roasting or possible burn too.

Best for Offline Use too!

If you love to control time, temperature or fan speed manually without taking help of computer program, you can do so with this Fresh Roast SR700. There is a mode button on the digital interface which helps you to switch between computer and physical control.

Beginner’s Coffee Roaster

No matter how new or experienced you are in roasting raw coffee bean; Fresh Roast SR700 is an easy-to-use machine for all. SR700 has a digital time display which allows you precise time control. It also has three temperature settings to get different roasting quality. You will get fast and even roasting with its speed roast fluid-motion system.

Key Differences from Other Items in This Category

SR700 is an advanced version of other models of Fresh Roast. The strategic revision of this model is its program control system by which you can save and repeat any roasting profile at any time. However, there is no heat override switching system which other models (SR500 or SR300) has.

  • Compatible to operate with Windows PC
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Option both for manual and computer control
  • Featured to save preferable roasting data
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes without any pre-programmed or saved profile, setting a new profile is a bit tough task to a novice
  • No smoke suppression system, means you have to roast under oven hood or at outdoor
  • Small capacity for those who want to bake for 3 /4 days coffee at a time
  • A bit fragile because of its lightweight design

Recommended or Not. Why?

Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster is a modern, fast and slim design machine that is suitable to any coffee enthusiast. Though it has some drawbacks and the price is a bit higher, if you consider its performance and design, then the cons will not seem much significant. So, you could try it to get a great taste of fresh roast coffee.

2. Best Traditional Roaster – KALDI Mini Size Home Coffee Roaster

KALDI Mini home coffee roaster

Are you looking for something more orthodox to roast your favorite coffee beans? You’re coming to the right place. KALDI Mini Coffee Roaster is a manually operated, portable and sturdy coffee roaster that introduces you to the traditional method of backing.

KALDI hand coffee roaster built with stainless steel which makes it hard-wearing, rust-free, and corrosion resistant. Although it is a hand operated device, it will serve you even and consistent quality every time.

Stay with us to know more on the art-of-roasting green coffee bean and the beautiful KALDI mini coffee roaster.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Compact and Solid Design

It measures 260 mm x 240 mm x 200 mm with a 120 mm x 115 mm drum that you can easily set on a portable gas burner like Iwatani. You can store them without problems in your kitchen cabinet. Although this device is small, it is no less useable than its similar types of commercial products. The stainless body and drum also make it durable enough to serve mouth feel and good coffee year after year.

Excellent Heat Circulation

Even heat distribution is an essential aspect while roasting coffee beans to get the desired color and texture. The perforated drum of KALDI motorized coffee roaster rotates slowly on the gas burner that helps to spread the heat evenly on every bean.

Included an Effective Thermometer

KALDI mini comes with a thermometer that aids you to monitor the temperature in the middle of the way. It is necessary to control heat to get your anticipated flavor as well as prevents over-roasting of the beans.

Low-Cost Operation

Instead of electricity, the KALDI home coffee roaster uses gas as a source of heat. You know that gas is a bit cheaper than electricity. During the dark roast, however, do not use low flume to saving gas, which ultimately increases your cost.

The package includes a sampler and hopper for easy pouring and checks the roast status middle of the process.

Key differences from other items in this category

When we compare KALDI with our previously reviewed product Fresh Roast, we found them to be distinguished by the digital interface and computer control system. However, those who love something easy-going, have done the job without any gimmicks to a certain level of quality and become part of the process, KALDI mini roaster designed for them.

  • Very straightforward to use
  • Well-made, no worry about breaking any parts
  • Very easy to monitor during roasting
  • Appropriate to roast ½ pounds beans
  • Consistent and inexpensive operation
  • Super craftsmanship and quiet device
  • Required a gas burner
  • Doesn’t have a chaff management system means need inclusive cleaning after use
  • No pre-set roasting profile
  • Without digital interface to control speed, temperature or time

Recommended or Not. Why?

Run the KALDI mini size home coffee roaster you need both a gas burner and electrical connection. There is no chaff management system, no digital interface too. After all, you will forget all those drawbacks when you get a consistent quality roast from this fantastic device.

3. Best Ultra-Modern Roaster – Gourmia GTA2500 Digital Halogen CookCenter – Air Fryer, Griller & Roaster

Gourmia GTA2500 roaster for coffee bean

Air fryer, griller and roaster all in one device is a perfect combination for those who love coffee as well as a healthy diet. Yes! Yes! Gourmia GTA2500 Digital Halogen CookCenter comes with six adjustable, one-touch mode for pizza, defrost, bake, fry, roast, and turbo. It uses the modern state of technology Radivection which helps to circulate heat evenly in 360° direction and more concentrated way.

Although Gourmia GTA2500 is an all-in-one cooking device, here we will try to discover its roasting ability, especially for coffee beans. If you want to know all the facilities, you may visit their

Performance and Technical Issues:

What is Radivection?

Radivection is necessarily a combination of classic radiant and convection. It is a sophisticated technology also known as a 360° FreeFry technology. It uses a halogen bulb to produce heat the internal air in the fryer and circulate it around the food while the food itself rotated at 360 degrees which helps to cook or bake the object more evenly.

Bake up to 60% faster

The halogen bulb of Gourmia CookCenter will quickly reach an incredible temperature 450°F which is hot enough to broil coffee beans and other foods like, pop popcorn. It is 60% faster than its competitor air fryers, convection ovens or grillers.

Multifunctional Design

From the name of this device you may already notice that Gourmia GAT2500 is capable of doing many jobs like fry, grill, roast, air sauté, steam, broil, stir fry, bake, rotisserie, and kabob maker. Support multiple tasking it includes 11 different accessories including a baking case which using the rotation features to prepares French fries as well as roast coffee beans. So, besides roasting the coffee bean, you can also taste oil free delicious foods which help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Temperature Control

Temperature is an essential factor in getting the desired aroma from coffee. Gourmia GTA2500 has a wide range of temperature control started from 120°F to astonishingly high 450°F that helps you to get light to darker roast coffee within the shortest possible time.

Safe and Portable

While cooking or baking the device is covered with a heat resistant transparent lid, and the exterior remains cool through the entire process. Its also equipped with non-slip suction grips which prevent accidental falling or slipping off the surface. You can use it outdoor or during travel due to its portability features.


It comes with a big non-stick pan which easies to remove and clean. Also, all accessories are dishwasher safe. So, clean up this device is a breeze.

Key differences from other items in this category

In the meantime, we discussed two other home coffee roasters – Fresh Roast and KALDI. Both designed explicitly for roasting coffee beans, but Gourmia intended primarily to serve you oil-free food. However, it’s a fantastic cookware that you must have in your kitchen.

  • Easy to use and simple designs
  • Quick heating and proper distribution of heat
  • Works well and portable
  • Dishwasher safe, easy cleanup
  • Lack of instruction on how to bake coffee bean
  • A little louder but not annoying

Recommended or Not. Why?

Gourmia GTA2500’s maximum temperature range is 450°F which is suitable for cooking any food such as golden roast chickens, thick juicy steaks, delicate fish fillets, crusty French fries, and so on. Even with this temperature, you can easily reach light to the medium dark state of coffee roasting, but it takes 240°C (464°F) or beyond to get the second crack when you’re going to do darker roasting. So, the Gourmia GTA2500 Digital Halogen CookCenter is more of an air fryer than a coffee roaster. It is now up to you to make your ultimate decision.

4. Best Ease of Use – JIAWANSHUN Household Coffee Roaster

Household Coffee Roaster Machine

Plug-in household coffee roaster to connect to the electrical outlet, turn on the device’s red switch and set the desired temperature. After a few moments, your nostril will be stirred by the favorite aroma of roasted coffee bean. Yes! Yes! Baking coffee bean with JIAWANSHUN coffee roaster machine is that simple.

Scroll down to know more on this beautiful JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Beans Roasting Machine.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Sleek Design

It comes with a beautiful white finish made of highly heat-resistant and durable industrial grade PP materials. There are two parts of the main roaster machine: coffee bean dish and rotating blade. The bowl has a food grade black colored Teflon -layer that is safe and easy to clean. The rotating lever helps to circulate heat evenly, and when the coffee bean presses under the stir-bar, it automatically rotates in the opposite direction.

Best for large batches

You call it a small commercial coffee roaster as it can bake 800 grams green coffee bean or 1200 grams soya or red beans per batch. The standard bowl capacity, however, is 1500 grams.

Easy Temperature Setting

You will get constant temperature throughout the process and set it with an easy switch. The temperature range in this device will be zero to 240°C, which makes backing effortless and helps to select different temperatures for different coffee flavors.

Transparent Lid

Heat resistant transparent lid allows you to observe the whole baking process as well as protect cracked bean from getting out.

Versatile Use

Along with roasting green coffee beans, you can also bake other beans, peanuts, chestnut, barley, dried fruit, popcorn, and other similar items.

Key differences from other items in this category

Usually, home coffee roasters capable of roasting small amounts of beans. While JIAWANSHUN Durable Coffee Beans Baker allows you to bake 800 grams of coffee beans in a single batch. So, using this device, you’ll get commercial facilities sitting over the home. It is also durable and straightforward.

  • Professional and sleek design
  • Maintain constant temperature during heating
  • Even distribution of heat to every bean
  • Easy to clean food grade non-stick chassis
  • Heatproof transparent cover for easy monitoring
  • The easy temperature adjustment to baking various profile
  • Not suitable for indoor use as there is no smoke suppression system
  • To remove chaff after roasting, you will need a separate baking pan and to avoid cleaning of your room it is better to do that outdoor condition


  • Do not use a rinse of water to clean the pot. Instead, you can use a wet towel to protect the motor from possible damage.
  • Do not use in a room with a smoke alarm
  • Must remove weeds (worm beans, moldy beans, not mature beans) from beans to get a continuous rotation of stirrer.

Recommended or Not. Why?

JIAWANSHUN Household Coffee Roaster specially designs for baking coffee beans. Gentle to use adjustable temperature control makes it perfect for getting any color and texture during roasting. To get long-lasting optimal service, you only have to follow a few essential dos and don’ts which we mentioned above. All together I love this device. If you think it will be useful, you can try it too.

5. Best for Large Batches – VEVOR 1200W Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

VEVOR 1200W Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

Are you enjoying coffee with your family and friends? Are you serious about coffee aroma and love to drink freshly roast coffee? Then you get to the right place. VEVOR 1200W coffee bean roasting machine capable of serving you 1500g in a single batch which is a great amount to satisfy your friends and family.

Though it can roast a large number of beans, it will not be that much bulky, and you can easily store it at your kitchen cabinet with other accessories as well as carry during excursion too.

Let’s check out more features of this beautiful product below.

Performance and Technical Issues:

High-Performance Heater

VEVOR coffee bean roaster design with a 1200W heater which is powerful enough to generate up to 240°C, a perfect temperature to get dark roast coffee.

Durable Construction

The body of VEVOR manufactured with industrial quality Polypropylene (PP) plastic that makes it durable enough to avoid any chips or cracks. It has two safety handle at the sides of the device which helps you to move it from one place to another in hot condition (if required) without any hazards.

Large Capacity but Compact in Size

It will not occupy much space of your kitchen as the inner diameter of the bowl is 270mm which can hold 1500g beans. It is also compact in design with 6.3 pounds weight and 120mm height and 320mm width.

Easy to Use

Spread coffee beans evenly on the bowl, place the heat resistant cover on the device, lock the lid with machine base for safety, plug in the adapter with 220-240V AC electric outlet, on the switch and set the desired temperature. After a few moments, you will get your desired roasted coffee; it’s that simple.

Easy to Monitor Baking Process

VEVOR coffee roaster machine comes with a transparent heat-resistant cover with a four-hold ventilation system which allows you to observe the baking process cleanly.

Easy to Clean

Though it not safe to clean by dishwasher or rinse of water, the non-stick surface of the bowl is easy to clean with wet cloths after every use.

Key differences from other items in this category

If we compare JIAWANSHUN Household Coffee Roaster with VEVOR 1200W, we see that both are identical. Both offer to roast a large amount of beans/peanuts and other fantastic features that are easy to use. I’ve only noticed that the price is not the same for both machines.

  • Durable and sleek design
  • Perfect for large volume
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Smart machine but inexpensive in price
  • The easy temperature adjustment system
  • Versatile, can bake peanut and other beans too
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No chaff tray, need to do it separately at the outdoor condition
  • Only run on 220V, you require a mini transformer if your line is 110V

Recommended or Not. Why?

If you see the customer reviews on this coffee roaster machine, you may find that they are mostly happy with this device. It is durable, it can server large batches at a time, and most importantly you will get your desired flavor or roasting profile from it. It is also an excellent beginner coffee roaster that anyone can operate. Finally, we did not see any significant negative comments on it too. So, if you take all this in your consideration, it might be a good choice for you.

6. Best Professional Quality Coffee Roaster – NESCO 481825PR, Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell

NESCO 481825PR Roaster

NESCO 481825PR is such a kind of roaster oven that every professional chef loves. They don’t just like it for roast coffee beans, but it’s also a full air oven that can cook a turkey in expert quality for Thanksgiving Day. What makes it a market leader in its category is the unique Circle of Heat technology. Yes! Like other ovens, it does not heat the coffee bean/food from the bottom, but also from the sides, which makes the roasting process quick and efficient.

NESCO 481825PR Roaster Oven offers a powerful heater and flexible roasting options with an unbeatable price tag. Let’s join with me to explore its attractive features.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Durable Construction

The outer casing of NESCO 18 qt roaster air oven made of stainless steel and interior furnish with a porcelain enamel coated steel cookwell. Uses of stainless steel at inner and outer design makes it long lasting.

Powerful Heater

The 1425W heater is a perfect match for the 18 qt. NESCO that does almost everything a standard oven does, including roast coffee beans with impeccable measures.

Unique Circle of Heat

‘Circle of Heat’ feature distinguishes between NESCO and other roaster ovens available on the market. It will facilitate you to cook your food or roast coffee beans quickly as the heat circulate all around, instead of heating from the bottom of the cookwell.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The thermostat of NESCO 18 qt oven allows you to control the temperature automatically. You will also get a wide range of temperature settings from 200°F to 450°F which helps diversified cooking like slow cooking, roasting, baking, steaming and scorch, and so on.

Most Diversified Uses

There is no doubt you can roast coffee beans with this NESCO 18 qt roaster air oven as per your desired color and texture. Beyond this, you can make it your family companion to cook large meals like 22 pounds turkey to ham, bake cookies to whole meals, and even cook soups, stews, lasagna, and hot dishes. It also excellent for the slow cook or steam/poach vegetables and seafood.

Easy to Handle and Clean and Store

NESCO roaster oven comes with a removable cookwell which allow you easy clean with hand or dishwasher. Also, the lightweight 1.7 pounds only and compact size roaster oven is easy to handle and store at your convenient place.

Key differences from other items in this category

Professional quality roaster with an extremely economical price makes it difficult to find another one on the market. NESCO takes every opportunity to make this device remarkable to everyone since its invention. This continuous effort also helps it to grab the leading position.

  • Circle of Heat reduce the chances of burning
  • Versatile and durable
  • Portable, excellent choice for a family outing
  • Black porcelain cookwell, easy to clean
  • Incredibly low price
  • The top lid is not transparent, and you cannot see the roasted beans at the middle of the process

Recommended or Not. Why?

We write this review only to introduce you to different coffee roaster machines. NESCO is an old and renowned manufacturer of market-leading brands. There’s no doubt about the quality of the 481825PR Roaster Oven too. However, when it comes to roasting coffee beans, I’m supposed to be a little shaky about the maximum temperature range. Otherwise, NESCO 481825PR Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell is an excellent choice as your home appliance.

7. Best High-End Roaster – Beanplus Coffee Roaster

Beanplus Home Coffee Roaster

Safety lock system to hold the top cover tightly during roasting, a smoke control system that can remove 80-90 percent smoke, easy 9-level roasting dial, all indicate that the Bean Plus is the best high-end household coffee roaster machine among its category. Yes! It’s true that you have to count a significant amount of penny to bring this fantastic Beanplus Electric Roasters Machine to your home, but once it gets in, it might not deprive you of tasting good quality coffee.

Stay tuned with us to know more on this premium quality elegant home coffee roaster.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Excellent Smoke Control

Where most of the coffee roaster machine warns you not to use inside a room where there is a smoke alarm system, Beanplus Electric Roasters Machine offers you an outstanding smoke suppression system. So, without worry and without make a fuss about your kitchen decoration, you can use this device to roast green coffee beans.

Equal Rotation Stir-rod

While roasting the ‘S’ wing, located in the bowl, rotate in a gentle motion which helps to spread the heat evenly in every coffee bean, prevent burning and leads toward getting desire color and textured roast.

Beginner’s Coffee Roaster

By seeing its design, it may seem that it’s tough to use. However, the simple 9-level roasting dial makes the process more accessible to all even those who are new in this trade. Moreover, these nine different level means users can choose a variety of option to roast their beans.

Visible During Roasting

Observe the process of roasting especially the moment of crack the beans is splendid. The clear top lid of Beanplus coffee roaster facilitates you to enjoy that moment. Visibility also essential to get the desired roasting and prevent burning.

Includes a Chaff Bin

The second parts of the Beanplus home coffee roaster which make it complete indoor device is its chaff/husk tray located at the bottom of the machine.

Safety First

Though we bring forward this matter, at last, it is the most prioritize issue which rightly addresses by Beanplus. They design the top lid with heavy-duty safety lock. For your safety, the machine will stop working if you try to open the lid forcibly.

Key differences from other items in this category

All the features offered by Beanplus are essential to get a hassle-free tasty coffee roast, and it is tough to find any significant fault of it.

  • Robust design but not heavier (weighs only 5.5 pounds)
  • Easy to use for the beginner’s
  • Almost Smoke-free and Safe
  • Low noise
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Occupy a significant space of your kitchen countertop
  • Small batch size (150 to 200 grams only)
  • Great device but a bit expensive

Recommended or Not. Why?

If you look at the Beanplus coffee roaster machine, it will offer a wide range of high – tech features. However, it has some drawbacks too, but they aren’t deal breakers in any way. The only concern is its price range. If you don’t have any money constraints, you might go for it.

8. Best Economic and Handy Roaster – Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy coffee roaster

Where most of the coffee roaster machine demand more or less technical know-how to operate, Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster need only fire. Nuvo is a Korean coffee roaster which is crafted to think those who like the traditional method of roasting coffee. It’s a very straightforward device that only consists of a ceramic pot with a handle covered with cow leather.

Because of its handy design, you can also buy it at a low price, which makes it comfortable for many. However, low cost does not mean it will not perform well.

Let’s discover more about this traditional coffee roaster with us.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Makes Life Easy

You no longer need to think about a complex machine or a computer or dedicated electrical connection to roast your favorite coffee. Nuvo Eco allows you to sip a cup of coffee if you only have some green coffee beans.

The Shape

The structure of the Nuvo Eco is plain and simple. It is only a rounded body with a little hole on top and a hollow handle cover with leather. The brown coffee color body and attached cowhide handle bring a gorgeous look that easily creates envy to anyone’s eye.

Durable Ceramic Body

The roaster made of hundred percent ceramic which passed through a severe heat treatment procedure at 1280°C (2336°F) means it will give you excellent durability as well as ensure superior thermal conductivity to beans. It could be used in the open fireplace like a gas burner, stove, or campfire. However, it is better to avoid induction or microwaves oven.

User-Friendly Handle

The ceramic body has an integrated nice handle covered with original cow leather. The leather has a beautiful grain and smooth feelings. It also protects your hand from heat as well as enhance its looks.

The handle is hollow in shape. So, you can hear the pleasant popping sound of beans during the first crack.

Even Roasting

The waffle shape bottom of the Nuvo stovetop coffee roaster ensures even roasting of every bean which is essential to get a good quality roast as well as protect coffee-bean from possible burning.


Due to its simple design and high heat conductivity, it requires minimal energy to roast green coffee beans. So, by using it, you can save your energy cost as well as protect the environment.

Key differences from other items in this category

We already explained that this device is elementary in design and easy to use, that’s the main difference of Nuvo traditional coffee roaster with others in its category.

  • Durable ceramic construction
  • Comfortable cowhide covered handle
  • Even roasting for waffle shape internal structure
  • Minimalist design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lacking precision in temperature
  • Required expert hand-skill to operate
  • Only suitable for a small batch (30~70grams)


  • While roasting on the open flame, do not touch anywhere other than the leather covered handle to avoid burning
  • When using the product in a gas burner, do not immerse it in cold water suddenly after use

Recommended or Not. Why?

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster is the best coffee roaster in terms of its simplicity of use and super economical price. If you ask about performance, as a device it made durable 100% ceramic and original cowhide. On the other hand roasting performance largely depends on your skill. Therefore, to save your pocket and save the environment as well, you might think about it.

9. Best Alternative Roaster – Back to Basics Nut Roaster

Back to Basics Traditional Coffee Roaster

After hearing the name and search on the internet, you usually find that the Back to Basic is more of a nut roaster than coffee beans. Then, like me, you may also be curious about the answer – is it suitable for roasting green coffee beans or not?

For your information, I like to tell you that the Back to Basic is an excellent tool to roasting your favorite coffee. Yeah of course! If you don’t have confidence in me, you can try it at home. The hidden truth is its heavy-weight, non-stick aluminum roasting pan which conducts heat evenly, for a gentle, thorough roasting without scorching the flesh of beans.

Let’s join with to invent more nitty-gritty on this best alternative Back to Basic home coffee roaster.

Performance and Technical Issues:

Fairly Heavy-Duty

The pan of Back to Basic constructed with heavy-weight aluminum which exterior coated with anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum is stiffer than aluminum means you will get extra durability, corrosive resistant, and attractive tools. It also comes with a cast aluminum dasher which helps to glazes nuts or stirs coffee beans evenly and gently during roasting.

Swift and Consistent

I know some automatic roaster machine can be more compatible, but with the dual-paddles of this pan the coffee comes out remarkably consistent and with little strain. It is also swift and takes a few 8 to 10 minutes to roast your green coffee to the second crack.

Easy to clean

The internal non-stick surface and easy to dismantle the parts makes it easy to clean. You can merely lift off the top crank and thus remove the stirring blades to disassemble the parts of the Back to Basic nut roaster. It is better to avoid the dishwasher to clean it.


As like our previous product Nuvo Ceramic Roaster, to operate Back to Basic nut roaster also very simple in mechanism and need fire only to roast coffee beans. Additionally, it required a short time to cook beans or nuts. Thus, we can say that the Back to Basic is an eco-friendly device.

Key differences from other items in this category

Back to basic is an excellent device which can serve you top quality nut glazes with your choice of nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, or hazelnuts) along with roasting coffee beans. So, you can enjoy coffee and stakes together with this device.

  • Simple but sturdy design
  • Fast roasting cycle
  • Less tricky to use
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Smaller capacity
  • No top lid to control chaff from spread out during roasting

Recommended or Not. Why?

Back to Basic is worthy for those who enjoy roasting their coffee beans in the old fashioned style. It will allow you to do it manually, and during roasting, you can keep your eyes on the whole process and hear the crack sounds. So you can cling to complete control of the process.

Buyer’s Guide

Green coffee beans contain mostly the same levels of acids, sugar, caffeine, and protein as roasted coffee beans although the aromatic taste is lacking because it is the chemical processes that give the coffee beans their distinctive flavor during roasting.

However, after completing the roasting process, this flavor and characteristics started to decline, and regardless of packing a week later, you won’t get the same taste as you get right now.

You will find many coffee shops nowadays that offer freshly roasted and grind coffee. However, think about it, you’re not the only customer in a shop to order fresh roast coffee. To serve a bulk customer in a single time, they have to roast a considerable amount that is not always possible.

Therefore, to enjoy a cup of fresh roast coffee, it is essential to select the right home roasting machine according to your need. However, that shouldn’t always be easy. We’re trying to prepare a painstaking buyer’s guide for that, which may help you to some extent.

What is a coffee roaster?

According to the National Coffee Association of U.S.A, “Roasting is a heat process that turns coffee into the fragrant, dark brown beans we know and love.”

In Wikipedia, they described it as “Roasting coffee transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.”

A machine which applies heat to the coffee beans to help it to transform its state precisely and efficiently is known as a coffee roaster.

Types of Coffee Roaster

There are many kinds of roasting machine available like packed-bed, tangential and centrifugal roasters. However, the most common type of roaster is Drum and Hot-air or fluid-bed roaster. Here, we try to discuss the advantage and functionalities of these two types as below.

Drum Type Coffee Roaster:

In this category, the machine consists of a porous horizontal rotating drum that rolls and tumbles the raw coffee beans in a heated environment. It uses natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or electricity, or even wood to generate heat. Most of the roaster machined designed to employ heat indirectly under the drum. However, some use direct-fired roaster where a flame contacts the beans inside the roaster, but they are very few.

Fluid-bed or Hot-Air Roaster:

In this category heated air passed through a screen or perforated plate instead of a drum. The beans pour in a visible chamber where heat moves from the beans’ bottom. The coffee beans are forced to lift and circulate within the fluidized chamber to be roasted evenly when the hot air passes through the seeds.

How does it work?

Ok, now you know what a roaster and its types are.

To proceed with the next step – how does it works, first, we have to collect green coffee beans according to our personal preference. For that, you can visit your nearby coffee shops or market or online e-commerce sites like Amazon, e-Bay and you will find an ample of variety there. So, choose one to roast with your hand.

There are usually more than ten roasting steps that can be subtle only to an expert. We discuss four main steps here for the beginners.

  1. Change of Color
  2. First Crack
  3. Caramelizing
  4. Second Crack

Change of Color:

The beans remain green during the first few minutes of roasting. Colors then begin to shift to golden tones gradually.

As the color changes, you will spot steam rising from the beans as the water begins to evaporate.

First Crack:

You’ll get the first audible crack when the temperature reached at 205°C. It is the sugar which is caramelizing in the beans, and the process gives off that recognizable cracking sound.

Your surroundings will begin to fill with the magnificent aroma of roasting beans. At this stage, the surface of the coffee beans become drier. If you are looking for a light roast, you can stop here.


If you are continuing after the first crack, you will likely get a darker roast. The color of the beans turn into deeper slowly, and heat draws more oils to the surface.

If you like medium to dark roast, it is advisable to stop at this point before hearing the second crack.

Second Crack:

At 225 to 240 degrees Celsius, you’ll hear the second crack. Means you reached the darker roast stage. Darker roast coffee contains more antioxidants and good for health.

However, if you go beyond this point, it is highly likely that you will end up with unpredictable results, so it’s best to wait until you’re a bit of an expert before experimenting in this area.

What’s To Consider While Pick the Right Home Coffee Roaster?

Once you decided to buy a coffee roaster machine to roast your favorite green coffee-beans at home the next essential task is to select the right device. When you come up to this point, you may know why you need coffee roaster and how does it work? Still, there are few more things to know, for that scroll below with us –

Drum vs. Air roaster

Earlier in the types of roaster, we defined drum and hot-air roaster. Here we try to talk about their functionality as a home roaster.

Drum roaster is mostly used for the commercial purpose to roast significant quantity. As they always rotate and tumble, the beans roasted evenly. On the other hand, hot-air roaster doesn’t tumble the seeds, they spin them on hot air, and it’s that hot air that roasts them.

Drums are generally more consistent, but you need the expertise to get your desired flavor as there is little machine control. Hot air roasters are more automatic and faster, cheaper, and often lead to a higher flavor acidity.

Stovetop vs. electric

For the beginner, turn on the stove and roast beans in a Back to Basic, or Nuvo Ceramic roaster is very easy. However, they will allow you very less control over temperature, which may make the process a bit tricky too.

On the other hand, electrical machines come with a digital interface that has much more precision and power behind them. However, they are not beyond breaking and eventually require repair — need not to mention; they are always considerably more expensive.

Indoor or Outdoor

The essential factor in deciding on a roaster is answering the questions: Where do you plan on roasting?

Well, while roasting coffee it produces enormous smokes which is much more than the usual cooking. Also, coffee beans produce paper-like chaff, which requires intensive cleaning once you are done.

There are machines available nowadays which will give you advance smoke and chaff cleaning features like Beanplus coffee roaster. However, most of them have no such facilities. So, depending on your machine, you have to choose whether you do your roasting indoor or outdoor.


How often do you want to roast coffee? It depends on many aspects. If you are a working person and you have less time to bake your coffee every morning, you may prefer to do it once a week or so. In that case, you may be looking for a larger capacity roaster of the half to one pound.

On the other hand, if you have enough leisure time or manage your time to taste fresh roast, then it’s going to be okay to have a smaller bean capacity.

Size and Shape

Size is essential if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen cabinet or if you like to carry the roaster machine with you during your journey. If so, a small coffee roaster is worthy of you, and you can choose Nuvo eco or Kaldi.

Some coffee roaster machine looks structured, beautiful and small, and some others are robust and little bumpy. Which shape you will choose depends entirely on your liking.

Easy to understand or not

Many roaster machines offer many functions which make their digital interface a bit complicated. If you don’t understand all the buttons well, there’s a chance to spoil your favorite coffee beans. So make sure you know their interface fully or not before you purchase.

You can also find some roasters that are computer program controlled like Fresh Roast. You can operate them through your computer in this type of roaster, even saving your favorite recipe for future replication.

Noise level

Machine make noise; there nothing to be surprised. However, it should be tolerable range; otherwise, your neighbor will file a complaint against you. So, before purchase check carefully, even it is possible to run a trial to know clearly about the noise level.

You can choose back to basic type’s roaster like Nuvo or high-end kinds like Bean Plus or Nesco to avoid annoying your family member or neighbors at early in the morning.

Ease of Cleaning

Check whether the pan/bowl which comes in direct contact with the beans during roasting coated with porcelain or non-stick or not. Also check the parts of your home coffee roaster is easy to dismantle or not. These checkpoints will decide either your machine is easy to clean or not.


Quality of roaster largely vary on cost, so it’s a crucial factor to choose. If you want your device roughly do roast coffee beans and not need much control, then you will get a device with a much lower price. On the other hand, if you want your machine to do everything on behalf of you, you have to spend a substantial amount on that.


Given that it involves gas and electricity and generates substantially high heat, there is a fair chance of occurring an accident at any time. Some devices use open flames or stoves that remain exposed during roasting, and some are not protected with a heat-proof cover – if possible try to avoid them, otherwise, follow the necessary precautions to be safe.

Be sure to:

  • Read the safety instructions on your machine and try to follow them carefully.
  • Use proper safety gear when handling hot surfaces.
  • Always roast in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not leave the roaster unassociated during roasting.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Can I save money by roasting my coffee?

A. A pound of decent-quality unroasted coffee beans typically sells at $5 – $7. When roasted, you end up with 12 oz. roasted coffee (3/4 a pound). When you compare that with a big pre-roasted $17 bag of niche-grade beans, you’ll able to save more or less $ 10 per pack of coffee. If you think about your yearly consumption, then the savings is much significant then purchase a roaster machine.

Q. Is roasting coffee hard?

A. In principle, roasting is just adding heat to coffee beans. Then again, feasibly, there’s a bit of a technical learning curve involved to get to that high level of flavor quality that we all love. While it’s not dumb hard, when you’re just getting started, don’t be frustrated if you have some lackluster batches.

Q. Is cooling as crucial as heating?

A. When you reach the temperature of 240 degree Celsius to get dark roast coffee, the beans stretch to a point where a minute is very critical. In that stage, if you do not start exhaustive cooling, chances are burning the beans as the roasting process still running. A cooling feature is thus essential for a coffee roaster.

Wrap Up / Conclusion

In our reviews, we try our best to discuss both the traditional and contemporary computer programmed coffee roaster. Technology, however, is continually updating and offering humanity more and more comfort. Just imagine your favorite coffee drink is ready to be a mouthful with the touch of a button.

Yeah! Yes of course! I have spoken about IKAWA home coffee roaster that makes the roasting process more accessible than ever before. Only you have to pour whole green coffee beans, place your mug under the jet and start the brewing process using your smartphone. That’s it, and you can enjoy your cup of coffee after a few minutes. The machine automatically controls roasting, grinding and brewing itself. Indeed, you have to check your wallet health and count $700 upfront to get this.

Simple to complex, gas or electrical, manual or automatic – all types revealed here. So, it is your turn to decide where most of your roasting will take place and your coffee preference before you choose one.

Solve the two questions above and enjoy your delicious, fresh and healthy cup of coffee.

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