Recipe How to make Turkish Coffee 2

one heaping teaspoon of very finely ground coffee (about 3oz of coffee), one heaping teaspoon of sugar. Turkish coffee is prepared using a little copper pot called raqwa. The trick of it is to heat it until it froths pour the froth into the coffee dup and heat it a second time.

How to make Turkish coffee

When it froths again, pour the rest into the cup. Use a heaping teaspoon of very finely ground coffee and, optionally, one heaping teaspoon of sugar (to taste). Add the sugar only just before boiling point. Turkish coffee without sugar is called sade, with a little sugar is “orta s,ekerli” and with lots of sugar is “c,ok s,ekerli”. The grounds will settle to the bottom of the cup as you drink the coffee and towards the end, it’ll start to taste bitter and the texture will be more like wet coffee grounds than a drink. As soon as this happens stop or your next sip will taste really, really bitter. Instead, turn your cup upside down on the saucer, and let someone read your fortune!

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