Drink your coffee, grow a forest with your coffee cup

You probably drink coffee every morning on your way to work. If you’re not using a reusable cup of your own, you are probably carrying around a take away coffee cup.

As convenient as that may be for you, your coffee cup is causing a lot of trash if you sum it all up.  Just think about it. There are 365 days in a year, and if you drink take away only on your days of work, that’s still around 250 coffee cups in a year, and let’s be honest, we drink more than one coffee per day.

One paper coffee cup takes 20 years to decompose on a landfill, not to mention the plastic cup top. Enough said?

How to green my coffee habit?

First thing you can do is to have your own reusable cup. If that’s not an option for you, you might wanna hear about this new awesome Kickstarter project that is changing the way the consumer perceives the value of an everyday object, such as coffee cup.

Their idea is intriguing and the one that makes you want to drink even more coffee, just so you can do more good. Not bad if you’re a coffee addict like me. Of course it all starts with what kind of coffee you choose. Always make sure it’s fairtrade, organic and if possible grown in the shade plantations.

Here’s a recent article on what does shade grown actually means and how it contributes to a greater biodiversity.

Drink your coffee first, plants some trees after

So, how does the idea work? Well, it’s simple really. They’ve embedded the seeds into the coffee cup. No, that doesn’t mean the seeds are going to float in your morning cup, but they will start to grow after you plant your coffee cup away.

I love the project because it raises awareness about the trash problem, makes us think about our consumer habits and at the same time offers an elegant green solution to take care of that problem. People often want to do good things, they just don’t exactly know how.

An idea that grows, literally

The project has two main concepts on how the coffee cups can be distributed to the location where they can sprout and make our planet greener and cleaner. Consumers can decide where their cup will ultimately end up in:

  • local community, urban spaces, community gardens
  • discard the cup at the coffee shop and the team then reforests a previously chosen area

They’ve made it easy for consumers to know where their coffee cup will be planted and what local seeds will sprout from it, if they choose the second option.

They’ve also put on a website, where consumers can get more information, and they can even pin the location of where they’ve planted their coffee cup so it’s more interactive and thus motivates people in doing good, maybe even inspire someone else to do so too.

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