5 reasons why you should know your local coffee roastery

Until I’ve fallen deep into the coffee rabbit hole, my life was easy. I went to a store and I bought the coffee that my grandmother, my mother and all my friends were drinking.

But then, the more coffee I drank, the less it satisfied me and the coffee addict in me just got restless. So, I’ve started to spend more time in the coffee section at a local store. Until one day I’ve came across with a couple that was selling organic fairtrade coffee beans. Yes beans.

coffee beans

I never owned a grinder, I didn’t even have a proper coffee pot. In my family we’ve prepared coffee in the same pot as we cooked eggs or warmed milk. But luckily my mom had the little grinder for the nuts. So I went to her house to grind my first ever proper coffee beans.

And after tasting that one. I  can never ever go back to the old ways. Because it is simply impossible. It is beyond comprehension what a difference a freshly grinded coffee makes. Imagining also having freshly roasted beans, I can’t even. But I have a feeling I’m coming there.

Local roastery for a coffee lover is the same as pastry for a farmer and his cattle. The closer it is, the better. So, what are the 5 reasons it’s smart to know your local coffee dealer:

1. You know the origins of the green beans

2. You know the time of delivery of those beans

3. You know the date of the roast

4. You know the type of the roast

5. If you run out, you don’t need to wait for weeks to get it delivered.

These may all sound very pretentious, but once you start appreciating coffee, you also start to smell and taste all the differences. I had never before imagined my life would change so much regarding my coffee drinking habits. And yet, I would now rather skip having one, if I smell it’s bad. And as an espresso drinker, I can never get mislead by milk, cream or any other toppings.


Unfortunately this post was inspired by one of the most famous coffees called Kona coffee from Hawaii that I got from my friend. I specifically ordered beans, but it is extremely hard to get them, so she sent me a pack of ground Kona.

I know now, that no matter how bad I want to taste any of the famous coffees from around the world, I must either go there and try on the spot or try to get a hand on the green beans or at least roasted ones, but with a known date. More than a week from roasting, the coffee already loses much of its proper taste not to mention the aroma.

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to know your local coffee roastery. I am sure after reading this article you are already on the lookoout for one in your local area. Good luck and enjoy the coffee!

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